About the Journal

Editorial Focus: 

The Carolina Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine (CJIM) is a student-facing publication. The journal provides a student-run, peer-reviewed platform for the publication and circulation of student scholarship. Scope and content are intentionally broad. Interdisciplinary efforts are prioritized; however, work specific to individual disciplines and professions are encouraged.

Valid methodology is the primary concern of CJIM. We welcome student research facing barriers to publication stemming from percieved impactfullness, limited sample size, and/or null results. 


All individuals contributing significantly to a paper should be appropriately recognized as authors. As a student-facing publication, CJIM requires the first author of any submission to be a current or recent graduate of an American or Canadian health professional school.

Overlapping Publication:

Papers currently under consideration by other publications are not eligible for submission. Duplicate publications of a paper previously submitted and accepted to another journal are not eligible for submission. Papers submitted to preprint services, however, are not excluded from submission. 

Papers representing work previously accepted as abstracts, presentations, or lectures are eligible for submission.


Manuscripts submitted to CJIM are confidential, privileged communications. Editors and referees may not discuss or share any information about a manuscript’s content or review status with any parties not directly involved in the production, submission, review, or publication of said manuscript. 

Peer Review: 

All manuscripts submitted to CJIM and accepted for review undergo peer review. Peer review is conducted by student referees and the guidance of one or more UNC faculty member(s) or licenced clinician(s) is available during any review. Advisors for each review cycle are subject matter experts. 

If a subject matter expert cannot be identified to provide appropriate guidance, the manuscript will not be accepted for review. This reason for rejection is explicitly communicated to authors. 


Editorial decisions are based on the relevance of a manuscript to the Journal and on the manuscript’s originality, quality, and contribution to evidence about important questions. Such decisions are not influenced by commercial interests, personal relationships or agendas, or findings that are negative or that credibly challenge accepted wisdom. 


CJIM, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (and its affiliates), and CJIM Publishing Group Inc. accept no liability for material published in CJIM. Authors maintain copyright for the work published in CJIM and are responsible for ensuring that their publication does not violate the copyright of another individual or entity. Additionally, the entities listed accept no liability for personal or medical decisions made by an individual based on our publication. As with all scientific literature, the works published should be critically reviewed and taken into consideration with the greater body of scientific literature. 

CJIM Publishing Group Inc.:

CJIM is a production of CJIM Publishing Group Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded to support the development, publication, and mission of CJIM. For more information or to support CJIM via CJIM Publishing Group, please visit cjimpub.org.